Cheater's demo record

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Cheater's demo record

Post by Mr.Right » Tue Jun 20, 2017 7:56 pm

I am not a recent player of Call of duty . I've been playing from 2004 Cod2 in LAN games, 12 hours a day non-stop with my friends . After this intro , was playing online COD2 , became admin in UdSSR clan on Lately I've entered in COD4 and of course on paddif's server Killhouse .
I have encountered so many cheaters here.
One of them is YOUWANTOPLAY . I recorded a demo with his cheating play .
There are more cheaters though , such as :
Machette , I think he has NO RECOIL . He made frags more, more easy than the other players at ping 130 . Low number of deaths and he's playing with MP5 !!!
Brezo has some aimbot with wh , without auto aim .
I have a question for you admin : how do I upload here a demo or should I upload on youtube and insert a link here ?
Finally , but not the least , I love this server , I like the paddif mode and , still , there are honest players here .
Guess I have to upload the demo on youtube .

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