Way-2-Stoned harassment

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Way-2-Stoned harassment

Post by bnllmn » Sun Apr 22, 2018 10:52 pm

hey i've been getting accused of hacking maybe this vid will help, if not I can send a video of a phone camera from behind me and drop a 100+ kill game
also video has a lot of harassment from way-2-stoned
minute 1:00 makes rape joke
2:55 calls me a "muzi noob" i think he means muslim
3:20 "in my country we stab a muslim a day for fun"
9:00 "dint mean to rape her my dikkkkkk fell in" in reference to my mom
17:10 "ur a hack with no skill and u rape kids"
17:59 " when batty boys act cocky in real life they beat their wives, u are one"
calls me a pedo multiple times 24 mins in
kinda tired of watching my gameplay but I can pull out more racist/hateful things he says in the remaining 40 minutes

edit: found when he gets temp banned 40:00 for profanity

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