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ColouRz Admin Application

Post by ColouRz » Sun Jun 10, 2018 11:21 pm

Hello Paddif,

My name is Simon and I'm from Sweden. I'm 18 and this autumn I'm going to start my first year at college in the program electroengineering.

I started playing on your sniper server and your killhouse tdm server a month ago and I'm enjoying them both, especially the sniper one since sniping is my favorite weapon in cod. There has been cheaters in your servers often, especially the reg gun one and it looks like you are lacking admins to ban them so I'm applying to help you and all the other players out. I began playing cod 4 in 2009 and to this day I play cod 28 days a month, it's my addiction. Other than cod 4 I also play mw2 and mw3 but since both are completely dead sniper only wise now I am only able to play cod 4.

It has always been in my favor to keep servers clean from cheaters and thus I have had admin contact on almost all sniper servers I've played on across the modern warfare cods. It gives me satisfaction to be able to keep the servers clean from unfair play, not a power freak type of satisfaction but a moral based satisfaction by doing the right thing. Thanks to my gamesense I've acquired during these years I'm able to tell good players apart from cheaters which is a very important trait of an admin, and thus my ban accuracy is over 99%.

Since 2015-2016 when I started playing in dedicated servers on mw3 my "admin career" began. I can't remember or count exactly how many servers I've administrated in since many of the mw3 servers have a lifespan of a few months but currently I'm administrating for FYANB, OZ, VM, sK and Aspire on mw3. Also in cod 4 I'm admin in =dc and trusted in C4S. 

Funny enough, most of my relationships with clans start off with me writing them a ban appeal. I'm a clever player so many clans have banned me for wallhacks, which a few weeks later has turned around to me either being a member of their clan or an admin at their server, which is why I have been able to get adminship in many clans and also recognition. I mean, seriously, I've been banned in almost every sniper server I've played, even on cod 4 ones that have the screenshot tool...

I felt like I had to give a bit of my background here since we barely have met and I'm not well known in the cod 4 community. Although you surely know what =iS= is and I've been a member in their clan. I suggest that you give me a trail period to begin with if you are unsure. I will always keep proof of the people I use admin actions on and so on... 

Hit me up at:
Discord: ColouRz#3000
Steam: simpson19999     or     Aspire ColouRz

Kind regards,
Simon "ColouRz"

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Re: ColouRz Admin Application

Post by paddif » Mon Jul 09, 2018 6:54 am

Accepted as Admin


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