[IRA] Chopper Admin Application

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[IRA] Chopper
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[IRA] Chopper Admin Application

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User Information:
In-game name: [IRA] Chopper
Age: 18
Country: Ireland
Languages: English

How often do you play cod 4?
Every day (almost). I play it at work/school every weekday and play at home very often.

How many days a month are you active at your computer?
Every day. ( I'm including my PC at work/school as it also has Discord and COD 4)

Do you have admin experience from other servers? Or other games?
I was a server admin for C8 Clan's TeknoOps server but the server was usually empty so they eventually no longer needed me.
I have hosted a COD 4 server on my own PC for playing custom game modes with friends but even though they didn't need any moderation or anything, I still understand how the server works and some commands.

Give us some information about yourself, for example what you like to do in your spare time or what you're studying/working with:
I'm studying IT, we're currently doing networking.
I play games in my spare time, if I'm not playing a game, I'm probably doing something related to gaming.
Classic DOOM and DOOM II are some of my favourite games.
I play every COD before Black Ops II (inclusive).
I enjoy strafe jumping, used to be into trickshotting but no longer as I can't do it on PC as well.
I play a lot of older games, even as old as C64 sometimes, so I enjoy emulation.
Argue for 'why you would be a good admin':
I would be a good admin because of my long term experience with PC gaming and COD on PC. I know the difference between a good player and a cheater.
I also don't tend to get annoyed at other players, so I'm very unlikely to kick someone out of rage. If people call out a cheater (and I do this even though I'm not in any position of power to do anything other than report) I will spectate them and make sure they're playing fairly. I try to keep up to date on what new cheats are released so I know what I could potentially encounter (but I will not ever use them).

Already Joined Discord Server: Yes

Social Information
Steam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/Chopper1337/home
Discord name+tag: [IRA] Chopper#4291

Appeal Status(To Be filled by paddif)
paddif :
Admin 1(xxx):
Admin 2(xxx):

Everything Else
I wasn't sure where to say (or even if it was relevant) but I am VAC banned on MW2 (Steam servers are down so you may not be able to check) but yeah that was from using Lobby Tools (very common on MW2) to get 125fps and fullbright so I could play as I do on IW4X.
Greetz to Lemi and ColouRz.

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Re: [IRA] Chopper Admin Application

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